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March 20, 2011

Let me mark you in my name,
show the world that you are mine.
Crazy, deep and insane
that’s how I do it.
That smile on your face,
makes me say, ‘Oh am right!’.
Let me mark you with my name.

This life is too long,
why do you cry when it tries you.
Let me mark that joy, in your name.
The fight is not for you,
but to have you by myself.
The time that flies,
it turns round on my wall.
Let me mark it for you…coz you are mine.

Hikki! O Dear Hikki…
Where you hiding Hikki?
Miss you so much,my neck looks so dull.
They tiny high you gave me,
Every time you came.
The pain that I felt,making me so happy.
You were a sign that I was wanted,
not just a loafer.
Come O Hikki,Where you been?
I lie no more,to my friend.
Just remember the good times we had.
Dont you miss me dear Hikki?
Where you been my very own…Hikki.

Something like this was going through my mind when I got marks due to an allergic reaction from an insect bite.
Plainly speaking, yes the allergy reminded me of Hikki…. love bites to the uninitiated.

Also, I know this whole thing sucks!!!! 😛

I wrote this email today to Banyan Tree. They are the group responsible for Ruhaniyat music concert held across the country. Wiki Source

I have realized that, production quality is the key to any event’s or artist’s success. The consumer has become demanding now.
So the email tries to give feedback about the production quality. I have been blunt in my criticism. I am no one to comment on the work of artists of such great reputation and experience. But I felt the need for packaging.

Here goes……

Hey team,

This is a totally honest feedback. Frankly your concert was good. I was introduced to the music genre recently. And I must appreciate the effort this nation wide event is making to introduce the art to audience across the country. I attended the show at Ravindre Bharti in Hyderabad this Saturday. I liked parts of the show, but I had an uneasy feeling about the show. Something was missing.

Then I realized, I do listen to something similar already. I guess Coke Studio can be used as a standard to what your events can be like. You can turn everything around into a light, music and visual treat. The egyptian artists can take your show a notch above the rest, if you cared for production. Yes, the reason I got disinterested and bored (read almost slept off at times) was production.

You might think of me as a young chap out there. But lets cut to the chase, you need young people like me to like the music for the art to grow.
What am gonna say is not for the young people but audience in general. Live shows have to go by a thumb rule according to me – Hook in that guy in the audience. Dont let him take his eyes off the show.

This can be achieved only if you take over the senses of your crowd. Put up a show which will have them eating out of your palm. Sound effects were bad. I could hardly hear what the boul song. The qawali should have taken over my senses and being. Roped me into the audio treat it can be. But again the sound system was below par.

Then comes the visual aspect. I cannot be just hooked to the show with red and yellow lights on the stage, especially when the sound is below average. The felicitations are a nice touch, but then it made me feel the artists were not involved. It would be amazing if the artists could give the theme around the songs in their own words instead of the lady on dais coming in all the time. Not because I hate her, but I cannot feel related to the artist and his music until he talks to me. Explains the feeling and theme expressed by the song. Make it a personal experience for me.

Lastly lets talk the venue. In the age of multiplexes and home theatres you cant expect me to sit in the seats that are for kids. Its just too small. The comfort level is just not there. I was perpetually at discomfort. I realized that this concert would have been an awesome event if it was an open air concert. In the backdrop of a monument or in a farm. With a more open air about the show, a slightly better sound system.

You would raise the ever present problem of sponsorships. I wont negate that they are tough to come for events of this genre. However, let me point out your show was practically house full. Now that is not a simple feat. You have an audience who come back every year. I think its time you started expanding. Plus if you can pull off multiple shows spread over a day or two, you have the moolah in the bag.

This email was not written with the purpose of negating or humoring at your expense. I really felt that things could be better. I have seen concerts in colleges that were better done. I expected better from a professional group. I am sure you guys think on a big scale too, or atleast dream of one too. I just wanted to share my own two bits. After all, if a moron like Bryan Adams can be a big sensation for masses in India, why cant Ruhaniyat become a touching and mesmerizing experience for the elite few.

Best Regards and Lotsa Luck

Anuraag Sachdeva

Respect the Monk

September 12, 2010

The Old Monk

The Old Monk

Cant say no more….. just had to get this here….


June 12, 2010

Baranda…in punju-speak is nothing but the good ol’ balcony/verandah.
We just call it that way. Look ji…its a lot cooler! PERIOD.
My mother was obsessed with them, she wanted the baranda for drying/washing/storing/keeping/showingoff/planting almost every other thing in the house. I couldn’t really understand her fixation until I started living alone and have come to value their importance. I do NOT wash/store/dry etc stuff there, the good ol’ baranda comes in my life as a personal sanctuary.

Its a place where I go to have a nice quite smoke or a personal conversation on the phone. Sometimes its a place to sit and read the paper with my morning tea. It comes in handy when am bored of sitting in front of the computer and pretending to be all geeky and want to be a total punju boy. Bole toh…. Go and see what all the neighborhood totas are upto. I can pry into the lives of the south indian kitchen and taste the dosa in my mouth, I can see a student studying his arse off, and remember when I was the same.

Alas! My current abode in Hyderabad has the tiniest and tiniestest baranda. It was just the right size for puttu to go poop in. She too is gone now. I sometimes go there to see the wall of the neighbor’s house. But come to think of its just plain DUMB to do so.

Message to my roomy, I want to change this house. Try to understand, the baranda is sacred, imprinted into my genetic markup. Now I am done with my impromptu rantings. You guys, can go ahead with your daily boring lives. Bah! Adios Amigos!

Mother Superior Jumped The Gun….
Mother Superior Jumped The Gun….
Words of beatles….
or should I say words of the music itself…..

Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok! it goes in my head.
Sense of time is replicating every moment now.
But then there was a time left behind.
Every moment new and all endeavors sacred.

There be a foggy end… pouring rain.
Couldnt forsee that all would change.
Please dont be long my destiny.
Time is still as I seek you.

Its a wasteful night,
dogs and my sins snarl at me.
Mother superior has jumped the gun.
Mother superior has jumped the gun…again!